Training Programme

The customised training programmes is designed specifically for those who are looking for a structured training regime to follow in order to help them achieve their goals.

In the fitness industry there is an abundance of generic training programmes, typically marketed as either mass gainers, diet/cutting plans and even female specific ‘cardio heavy’ plans. There is no substitute for a routine that has been specifically designed based on your current level of performance and capabilities, catering to the facilities available to you as well as working toward your personal goals.

The initial process upon purchase goes as follows:

  • Upon purchase of the product you will be sent a confirmation email, along with information explaining how I run the programme and share information.
  • I will ask you complete a 7 day training log, alongside a detailed data collection form (stats, goals, available equipment, training availabilities, injuries etc.).
  • If you are currently following a nutrition regime, let me know what this is in as much detail as possible so that I can recommend whether this will comply with the training programme you will be following.
  • I use the collective information to create a programme suited to your personal circumstance, facilities available and specified goals.
  • Programmes begin on the Monday after pre-programme data collection process is complete.

The training programme will be split into two phases. Each phase should be followed for roughly 4-6 weeks, depending upon your progress and training experience. Progress will be monitored though the weekly reflection sheet on your programme, which include changes in weight, measurements, and a summary of each weeks performance. If you wish to continue with new installments of training phases this can be done by purchasing the service again at a discounted price using a discount code.

If you have any other questions regarding training programme please contact me at

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