Physique Transformation Course

I designed the physique transformation course with the goal of offering more than just a training and nutrition programme. With the abundance of misinformation out there it’s often easy to get confused with what approach to take when it comes to building muscle and losing body fat. This course aims to clear things up for you once and for all, to highlight the fundamentals when it comes to building your dream physique, and how you can continue to see progress long into the future.

I have put together 40+ exclusive videos covering topics such as exercise execution, bulking, cutting, how to calculate your macros, overcoming obstacles and how to transition from one training phase to the next. After completing the course I want you to have a clearer understanding on how to execute exercises, how to set and adjust your macros, how to structure your own training programme and most importantly, what approach will deliver the best results for YOU!

You will have access to a private Facebook where I will be uploading exclusive content relating to the course, as well as having any of your questions answered personally by myself. You will become a part of a community of hundreds of other people just like you who are looking to transform their physique.

You will also have access to male beginner and advanced training programmes - 5 months of hypertrophy focused programming which is divided into 4 training phases. Regardless of whether your primary goal is to reduce body fat, build muscle, (or both) this course will teach you how to do just that, but in an enjoyable and sustainable manner. All of these programmes will be available in either spreadsheet format or viewable on the Aflete app, so you can take you programmes with you wherever you go.

40 Videos which explain everything from Nutrition, Calories, Training and Workouts (just like the one above)

20 weeks of workouts that you can follow exactly

Access to workouts on the AFLETE app with videos for each exercise

Access to a private Facebook group for support and direct access to me.

Access to live webinars with Mike

Guidance on training, nutrition and supplements

GBP 50.00 / EUR 56.81 / USD 66.81

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You will be able to access the course on my website by logging in the email / password you create when purchasing.

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